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You Know You Play Too Much Pokemon When...

-You wonder why all animals don't attack you.
-You wander around in tall fields looking for Pokemon.
-You don't mow your lawn because you think it will attract Pokemon.
-You named your hamster Pikachu.
-You make your hamster fight other animals so it can gain experience.
-You tried to teach your hamster to shoot lightning bolts.
-You expect that pigeons can carry around grown humans.
-You see a sparrow hoping on your front lawn and the first thing that comes to your mind is, "Ooo, a spearow, I don't have one of those!"
-You ask the grocery store if they carry Pokeballs.
-You can name all 150 Pokemon off the top of your head.
-You go to the local fitness center and challenge the owner to a duel.
-when someone says, "Fuchsia," you ask, "The city or the color?"
-You collect colorful rocks and claim that they are badges.
-You find some old chicken bones and you try to resurect what you think to be an extinct Pokemon.
-You don't like to play volleyball because you are afraid that the ball is a Voltorb in disguise.
-You are amazed that pet stores sell Pokemon.
-You lit your lizard's tail on fire, but threw him out when it went out because he was a poor excuse for a charmander.
-When a bully punches you, you shout, "Pikachu, I choose you!"
-You say, "Po. . ." and your friends cut you off and walk away when you really could have been saying, "polar bears are my favorite animals."
-Someone tells you Pokemon is just a game and you punch them out.
-You get everyone of these.
-You've done some of these.
-You write a list like this.

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